17 top CSS animation examples

October 28, 2018 ohenry

You’ve probably noticed the number of CSS animation examples featuring on websites has been on the rise lately. Animation is one of the key web design trends of 2018. All over the web, designers are getting creative and using CSS animations to bring personality to their sites, explain complex ideas quickly and easily, and guide their users’ actions.

These animations don’t need to be overblown – even a subtle movement can have a big impact (most still have their roots in Disney’s classic 12 principles of animation).

Here, we’ve pulled together a selection of CSS animation examples from some of the biggest websites around, and dug into the code to show you how to achieve these effects yourself. This page features in-depth tutorials, or click through to page 2 for inspiring effects (and links to their code) for you to dig into yourself.

Find all 17 examples at Creative Bloq.